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Volunteer Your Time

Generations of Hope welcomes volunteers to help our community flourish and become the best it can be. Whether you are coming as an individual or a group, your unique talents and skills and would be appreciated and utilized at Generations of Hope.

Volunteer as an Individual:

  • Speak or perform to the children, parents, seniors, and/or our whole community
    • We had speakers come to talk about effective parenting, community resources, Medicaid/Medicare, community building, and healthy lifestyles.
    • Come perform by dancing or playing an instrument for our kids at the afterschool program or for the whole community at a special event!
    • We welcome speakers on a variety of topics.
  • Teach a talent to our community members
    • We had people teach pottery, floral design, and eco-art classes. They were all wonderful opportunities for the community.
    • Your class or workshop could be a one-time visit or a recurring event.
  • Build up the resources we are able to offer Hope Meadows’ residents
    • In the past, we had a librarian come to help us organize our library for residents. Her help was tremendous for the community.
    • Use your photography skills to update our photos of the neighborhood and residents.
    • We would love for you to share any other areas of expertise with our community.
  • Fundraise for Generations of Hope
    • On our linked fundraising page you will find lots of different ideas of ways you can use your time to help us fundraise — everything from partnerships with local businesses to hosting your own event.

Volunteer as a Small or Large Group:

  • Have your club, organization, religious institution, or school serve for a full day or weekend at Generations of Hope. We would love to host your group, like we have with the Catholic Heart Workcamp. Their help with painting the playground beautified the neighborhood.
    • We are specifically looking for groups to help with:
      • Fixing/updating resident’s car ports
      • Landscaping projects
      • Building ramps for seniors
      • Setting up a community garden
      • Storage and organization projects
      • Updating our model home
      • & many other projects
  • Teach an activity or lesson at our after school program
    • Our children are bright and have remarkable potential. We would love to have small groups teach fun activities or lessons during our afterschool program
    • While we welcome many different types of activities or lessons, we especially appreciate math and science activities.

Ready to Take the Next Step:

Please contact us if you want to volunteer by putting “Volunteering” in the subject box and describe what you are interested in doing in the message box.

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